Expert: Sizeable bigfoot population may exist in Bradford/Newbury VT area

by Chris Zimmerman

BRADFORD, Vt. In late summer 2019, various media outlets, including the Boston Globe, covered a story of “possible” Bigfoot activity in and around the small town of Bradford, Vermont.  A flyer had been circulating in Bradford which denied that the lengthy closure of Bridge 22 was the result of Sasquatch/Bigfoot activity.

Bradford Vermont Bigfoot flyer
A photo of an actual flyer that was circulated in Bradford, VT.

Was this forceful denial made because the rumors were, in fact, not rumors at all?  Were these fliers surreptitiously circulated by public officials in a last-ditch attempt to control the narrative and prevent public panic? 

One thing is for sure – Vermont’s tourism industry would stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars if a deadly bigfoot/human altercation were to occur just before fall foliage season.  Empty hotels. Empty restaurants. Empty hiking trails. Empty tour buses.

Negative press coverage would then undoubtedly impact the all-important winter ski season.  Think about it: Who would want to head out on a remote cross-country ski trail where a hungry bigfoot could be lurking behind a nearby tree?  Would anyone risk taking their kids snowboarding at a secluded resort where the trails are surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of acres of dense woods?

Fact: Vermont would likely suffer complete economic collapse if a bigfoot/human altercation were to occur, thus the need for “officials” to control the narrative.

Fact: On October 15, 2019, Dog Hill Media received (via anonymous source) the video below which shows a Sasquatch in Bradford.  This video arrived on a thumb drive labeled “Bradford Vt video #1 – Late spring 2019”.  We have since verified the location of the video- it was shot in the dense woods that surround Wright’s Mountain.  This video has been authenticated and is 100% real:

Experts confirm that this particular bigfoot is a juvenile, perhaps only two years old.  It appears to be male with broad shoulders and very strong legs. It walks with a “slightly forward” and “aggressive” posture.  When standing still it is perfectly camouflaged.  This creature is estimated to stand 6’10” and weigh between 320 and 340 pounds, and will likely stand 7’6” when fully grown.

Despite the existence of this video, local officials may continue to deny the facts. Please exercise extreme caution when venturing into the woods in Bradford, VT and surrounding towns until further notice.  Do not approach a bigfoot. 

Chris Zimmerman, contributor, NE News Bureau 

Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

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