When Pandemic Boredom strikes, silly things can happen – like spending a whopping $16 (including tax and shipping) for this toy RC “Rock Crawler.”  I’m not into RC trucks, but wanted to see what they were all about – and without breaking the bank.  This toy was the cheapest way to do it, and I wasn’t disappointed.

This 4 wheel drive truck measures roughly 5” tall, 6.5” wide, and 10” long.  At this price you get all plastic construction and plastic linkages, so the test was to see if it was rugged enough to not break in the first few hours of use.  It passed with flying colors.  Bottom line: if you want to introduce a kid (or a kid at heart) to the world of RC trucks, we think this is a great, inexpensive option.

The Good:

It runs on “AA” batteries – 3 in the controller and 4 in the truck.

This little truck simply looks cool.  It comes in red, green, or blue.  I got the blue one because it was the cheapest.  It has a fake spare tire and fake light bar, but still looks nice.

The shocks and tires perform well, and it has decent articulation (ability to twist). 

The controller has adequate range.

Bonus:  The truck has a flat roof so you can tape an action camera to the top for cool footage. We did!  See video below!

The guard in front of the axle protects the servo arm and linkage.

The Not-So-Good:

At this price, the motors don’t have a ton of torque.  The truck does really well on flat, hard surfaces, though. Grass slows it down considerably.   

You can’t really “crawl”.  You can only go full speed forward, full speed reverse, or stop.

The Test:
We tested this truck on a variety of surfaces for this review, and overall it did pretty well.  Take a look at how it does on pavement, grass, steep sand, and the ledge at the summit of Danger Mountain!

In Sum: 

We think the Rock Crawler by Click N’ Play is a good buy. It is reasonably tough – we flipped this thing over, ran it straight into ledge, and even got it airborne – and none of this did any damage.  It isn’t fast, but it isn’t too slow either.  At around $20 or less, this is a nice toy and should provide many hours of fun.

Pick one up today! 

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